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My blogging site contains all that I feel and observe around me…It is kind of a personnel diary only with a little difference…..I am allowing you all to read it...😉😉

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Movie Love….

What is your favorite movie? Your favorite song? I am sure everyone has a answer for it. Some has many answers for this same question while others may have just one. So I thought why do we like something at all? Why do we have a favorite of anything? This was quite a puzzle for … Continue reading Movie Love….

The Pain…

There are so many things inside of me… It made me Change so much… It put me to sleep, it tied my hands and feet… It trapped me in a dark room… The pieces of lost time… The memories of love that I threw away.. They have been deleted and thrown away… Only the outer … Continue reading The Pain…

A short story 🙈

Scene: Some people waiting for a girl…. A girl coming towards them, 5’6″, fair complexion, big blue eyes, shiny Burgundy hairs, wearing a simple light green-yellow salwar suit, with a bright smile on her face…and they think that that’s the girl they have been waiting for….among those people there is a boy, 6′, fit body, … Continue reading A short story 🙈

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